Saturday, August 25, 2012


We read a book written from the perspective of a child living through a hurricane in Puerto Rico today, and it developed into a nice little 'unit study' on hurricanes. We looked up Tropical Storm Isaac (see picture) which is currently walloping Haiti and the Dominican Republic and heading for Florida and hurricane status. We watched a couple of YouTube videos of high winds and waves during hurricanes. I had to stop the video of tsunami footage shot by survivors because I am too emotional while pregnant to deal with it! But we discussed tsunamis, too, and how they form and how you would know one was coming, etc.  Robin asked how many hurricanes there have been in history. Records apparently go back to 1851 and Robin was fascinated to learn that there were 6303 recorded hurricanes around the world, over 161 years, for an average of just over 39 hurricanes a year.

Robin worked with Saxon Math 1.

Robin did a word worksheet, and I read to him.

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