Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane, Flood, Extraction . . .

Last weekend I did not post because we were on our way to the beach for the weekend.  That was a pleasant interlude.  Robin learned to boogie board and says it is the most fun thing EVER.  However, the weekend before included a hurricane (Irene), now it is raining and everything is flooded, and yesterday Robin had a tooth extracted because it was abscessed.  Quite a couple of weeks!

Robin continues to use Saxon Math K.  Recent lessons included graph making, and identifying rectangles and circles.

Robin draws sometimes.  Recently he has been using a book showing how to draw complex things with a few lines.

I read to Robin regularly.  We have been practicing writing the alphabet with a Kumon set of write-on tracing cards.

We read a book about India.

Robin learned about dental health (obviously.)  We read books about bones, eyes,  and reflexes.