Sunday, April 2, 2017

Talent Show! (180 + 7 weeks)

All the kids attended their MAHC classes.

 W attended Teen Coop classes.

 D attended her circus class.

W played Dungeons and Dragons three times, including planning an adventure and leading it for a Dragon Weekend at a local independent bookstore.  So many people signed up he had to find another DM at the last minute!

We attended a Talent Show at MAHC.  J danced with two friends, all in their princess dresses:

And D showed a drawing (pictured above).

All the kids attended their religious education classes.

The Geocache R and I placed a couple of weeks ago was approved, and three people have already found it!  See to follow it.

R read to me, and I read to all of them:

I Yam a Donkey!I Yam a Donkey! by Cece Bell

Can't Scare Me!Can't Scare Me! by Ashley Bryan

Mars Needs Moms!Mars Needs Moms! by Berkeley Breathed

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