Sunday, March 26, 2017

Geocaching (180 + 6 weeks)

J went to her last dance class for a while.  She's been on strike from her classes in general, and clearly needs some time away.  But she was having fun this time!

We celebrated the first day of spring with free ice cream AND water ice.  Fun!

All the kids attended their first week of the new session at MAHC.  W is taking Practical Lego Building:

This was his lego dice roller!  He's also taking History Through Music and Craft-A-Doodle.

R is taking Move It Move It, Fiber Arts, and Craft-A-Doodle.  D is taking Chinese Language and Culture, Fiber Arts, and Art from Junk.

W went to his Teen Program at MAHC.  D went to her Circus Class.  W played D and D twice.

I took R geocaching.  We found three caches and tried to place a cache.  We're waiting to hear if it's in an acceptable location. 

All the kids attended a square dance at our Fellowship.  R in particular danced all the dances!

All the kids attended a worship service and W attended his RE class.

W, R, and D worked with LOF.  R and D practiced writing.  Lots of documentaries were watched and podcasts listened to.

I read to them:

The Moth and the SunThe Moth and the Sun by Gary Bernard

Daisy Gets Dressed: A Book about PatternsDaisy Gets Dressed: A Book about Patterns by Stella Blackstone

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