Sunday, November 13, 2016

#NeighborhoodLoveNotes (117/180)

D and J went to ballet, R went to Parkour.

All four kids went to the polls with a parent or grandparent.  All four were deeply distressed and disappointed by the election results, in developmentally appropriate ways.

They all went to their MAHC classes, and W went to his Teen Program classes as well.  Here's R in an obstacle course: 

D, R and W had soccer.  W's team took second place for the season.

D, R and W tried out a new Parkour gym in the neighborhood:  

W played Dungeons and Dragons twice.  

I took R, D, and J to the Art Museum:

They all attended their Religious Education classes and sang in church.  We did Neighborhood Love Notes outside as part of RE.  These are the ones D and W made.

W worked with LOF.  

R read independently:

They watched documentaries and listened to podcasts.

This week included 7 "days of instruction".

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