Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween (110/180)

We all dressed up for Halloween and went trick or treating with friends:

Zombie Farmer

Her lamb

The whole crew, showing also her cows


Monster Ninja

Hanging out

The kids went to all of their classes at MAHC.  W attended his Teen program classes as well.  Here he is in Applied Geometry:

They all went to soccer practice and games.

W played Dungeons and Dragons twice.

On Friday they went to see a Step Afrika! dance performance at the Annenberg Center.  I was sick, so I didn't attend.  They hung out with friends and W took a selfie with Ben:

Except D (who was sick) they attended their RE classes and sung in church.  W wrote, prepared, and led a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for his RE class.

Due to illness, it was not much of a week for organized lessons.  R & D did use LOF.  

They watched documentaries, listened to podcasts, and we discussed current events (i.e., civics.)

They exercised and walked and biked as usual.

This week included 6 'days of instruction'.

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