Sunday, February 26, 2017

W is 13! (180 + 2 weeks)

We went for a hike in the woods.

All the kids went to their MAHC classes. R's class made shakers using plastic cups, sticks, and string:

And then he got sick again/sicker ... so we didn't get a lot done the rest of the week, again.  

We did go to the library.

W played D and D three times.  Including during his THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY!

The evening began with a D and D game DM'd by his friend L, followed by a sleepover with lots of video games.  W set his alarm for 6 am so he could get up and make a disgustingly greasy meat and mac and cheese casserole for breakfast and play more video games.  I was not pleased by this alarm, since nobody went to sleep until 2 am, but I guess it shows he is developing the ability to set goals and achieve them ...

All the kids attended their religious education classes.

There was a lot of podcast listening.

R read a book independently:  

Monster Comes to the CityMonster Comes to the City by Ellen Blance

And I read to all of them:

The Trolley Car FamilyThe Trolley Car Family by Eleanor Clymer

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