Sunday, September 11, 2016

Robin Can Read! (56/180)

We went swimming, one last time. 

We went to the Social at MAHC to start up our year with them!

 We went to the library (and got to observe line-painting in the parking lot, and a lot of animals at the pet store):

W and I went back to the library later in the week and got to look for things in a bit more depth than is usually possible with little kids in tow.  We also took the bus, as taking public transit seems like a good skill for W to learn at this point.

He played D&D twice. 

W, R & D all started soccer!  W is on Portugal and R & D are both on (different) Brazil teams.

All the kids participated in their Religious Education class, on yarn crafts.

W read independently, and worked on writing that is D&D related.  Very excitingly, R also read independently:  

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy (Fly Guy, #4)There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Super Fly Guy (Fly Guy, #2)Super Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Fly High, Fly Guy! (Fly Guy, #5)Fly High, Fly Guy! by Tedd Arnold

Ride, Fly Guy, Ride! (Fly Guy, #11)Ride, Fly Guy, Ride! by Tedd Arnold

Tom and Pippo Read a Story (Tom and Pippo)Tom and Pippo Read a Story by Helen Oxenbury

I read to them:

Little Britches and the RattlersLittle Britches and the Rattlers by Eric A. Kimmel

Bootsie Barker BitesBootsie Barker Bites by Barbara Bottner

Eldest (Inheritance, #2)Eldest by Christopher Paolini

W, R & D continued working with their respective LOF books: Fractions, Honey, and Apple.

They watched documentaries and listened to podcasts.

They exercised, swung, etc.

They all sang in church.

This week included 7 'days of instruction'.

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