Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dance Camp! (19/180)

J attended a full week of dance camp from 9 - 2 each day!  She loved it.  It was a lot of time away from her sister and her mama (etc.), but she truly loved every minute of it.

R went to Parkour and also attended a Fortnite tournament.

W played D and D.

D and J attended their religious education class.

W, R and D worked with LOF.  D completed working with
Life of Fred: HoneyLife of Fred: Honey by Stanley F. Schmidt

W read independently.  R practiced reading.  D mastered
0 to 10 (Bob Books Set 2: Advancing Beginners)0 to 10 by Bobby Lynn Maslen.  J practiced reading.

I read to the girls:

Shape ShiftShape Shift by Joyce Hesselberth

We are also reading a "short" chapter book, so we're not reading as many picture books.

This week included 5 days of instruction.

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