Monday, December 2, 2013


Robin attended the last sessions of his MAHC classes for the term: Toymaking and King of Random Experiments.

He worked with Saxon Math 2.

He wrote and drew in his journal.

Robin tried reading again this week.  His idea; he read a few pages of Snow (Beginner Books)Snow by Roy McKie
 insisting that I cover up the pictures.  Although we've read this in the past, it's not something we've read often.  Honestly, he didn't seem to have a very hard time, but he did get tired out quickly.  Then he asked me to write some sight words for him to read.  He was able to do them pretty well!

I read to him:

Kibitzers and FoolsKibitzers and Fools by Simms Taback

GarbageGarbage by Robert Maass

They're Off!: The Story of the Pony ExpressThey're Off!: The Story of the Pony Express by Cheryl Harness

Robin exercised.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast at home, and Robin tried one bite of almost everything on the table - and ate lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.

Robin attended his religious education classes, which included a lighting of Hanukkah candles, live music, and meeting live Screech and Great Horned owls.

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