Monday, November 4, 2013


Robin attended his MAHC classes: Toymaking, King of Random Experiments, and Money.

He played Minecraft and worked with Saxon Math 2.

Robin observed healthcare infrastructure and and practices when we took his 4 year old sister to the emergency room to have her toe x-rayed (luckily, it was not broken.)  While there he was able to sign a girder which will be used in a new hospital building.

We made dry ice ice-cream as described in this video:  Robin mixed it with root beer for further carbonation.

We discussed the holiday of Samhain and the roots of Halloween, and told stories about our ancestors.  Robin dressed up as a Ninja and went trick or treating, and created a pumpkin:

Robin went to a birthday party at a gymnastics studio and was able to try out a bunch of the equipment.

Robin attended his Religious Education classes.

And we read lots of books:

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