Monday, October 14, 2013

Franklin Institute!

We went to the Franklin Institute this week!  Robin enjoyed it a lot, although he would have preferred to have more time (and money to spend) in the gift shop.  Robin also went to a Hot Science class at a local library.  He helped review King of Random Experiments videos for our upcoming class at MAHC.  And attended two RE classes, both of which focused on trees and climate change - and Johnny Appleseed!

Robin attended his classes at MAHC: Open Game Studio, Mask Making, and Cooperative Games.

He went to soccer practice, but the game this week was cancelled due to the weather.  Instead, he went to a Capture the Flag game in Clark Park.

Robin worked with Saxon Math 2.

We read to him and he worked with Explode the Code.  He played a story card game with his sister.

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