Monday, September 30, 2013

Running Flips

Robin loves to do flips off of our dressers onto our bed.  Recently, he figured out how to run along the (very narrow) windowsill above the bed and do flips off of it, too.  This is not good for my anxious-mom-ness.  It is very entertaining to his baby sister, though.

Robin attended his classes at MAHC: open game studio, mask-making, and cooperative games.

He went to soccer practice and played in his game.

We read to him: What's Older Than a Giant Tortoise?What's Older Than a Giant Tortoise? by Robert E. Wells


Grace for PresidentGrace for President by Kelly DiPucchio

Robin watched some Nova documentaries, and another one about Easter Island statues.

He went geocaching.

And for bike rides.

Robin worked with Saxon Math 2.

And Explode the Code.

He played RoboRally at a game night.

And attended his religious education classes, which focused on differences of skin color and adaptive technologies, as well as climate change.

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