Friday, August 19, 2011

Tree Trimming

Our Sweet Gum tree had a large, dead branch hanging over our rope swing which needed to be removed, and the rest of the tree needed trimming out.  The tree trimmers came on Monday this week and Robin was fascinated and watched the whole thing.  Here are before and after pictures:

We read books about clouds and geologic change.

Robin continues to enjoy Saxon Math K.  We visited the Lego Exhibit at the National Building Museum.  Here is Robin with his contributions (the tall tower on the left and the blue/grey building to the right) to the city-scape they allow visitors to create each day:

We read a book about shapes in art. Robin selected a fabric to use in making a quilt square

And lots of other books.

Including one featuring three African-American spirituals.  We attended a special music presentation at our local library featuring Uncle Pete - sort of karoke on cupcakes.

Robin went swimming, walking, running, scootering, and biking.

Robin learned about the care of insect stings when he and his brother were stung by yellow jackets after 'finding' a nest with their feet.

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